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Enhance Conversion To Broaden Your Customer Base

123 enables you to sell to clients who are concerned about online card transaction security. With 123, they can purchase online without using a credit or debit card. 123’s service network spans across Southeast Asia via a single API (Application Program Interface). The payment options we provide enable you to reach every consumer segment with ease and to increase your market penetration and sales. 123 is connected to more than 100 partners with 400,000 (and growing) payment collection points across SEA to enable prompt and easy payment collections.

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As Easy As 123

Servicing the unbanked customers and those who do not wish to use credit cards for payments is a breeze with 123. Payments by cash, ATM, internet and mobile banking are as easy as 123!

get a payment code get a payment code
Step 1 : Get A Payment Code

During checkout, online customers can opt to pay with one of the convenient methods offered by 123. They will be provided with a unique payment code to complete their transactions. Call centre customers also have the option of using our 123 payment methods.

payment channel payment channel payment channel payment channel payment channel
Step 2 : Pay

123’s unique payment code is recognized at all ATMs, over-the-counter (OTC) agents, web payment, mobile & internet banking apps throughout our 400,000 locations in the 123 network. To make payment, customers will only need to present the unique payment code provided to them.

On completion of approved
Step 3 : Enjoy

Upon payment completion, merchant and buyer will receive real-time notification automatically for delivery of goods/services.

Regional Coverage

Through A Single Connection

SEA is conveniently accessible at the push of a button. A wide network of over 400,000 payment locations in SEA, covering four key payment methods: Over-The-Counter Cash Payment, ATM Payment, Web Payment as well as Mobile and Internet Banking Application Services.

reginal coverage of southest asia reginal coverage of southest asia reginal coverage of southest asia reginal coverage of southest asia reginal coverage of southest asia

Ease Of Use For The Entire Team

123 is user-friendly and provides convenience to your development, accounting & finance, customer support and marketing teams.

real time report
Real-Time Reports

All data can be easily accessed 24/7. Transaction data can be conveniently exported to work with existing accounting systems or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

single integrated regional coverage
Single Integrated Regional Coverage

Every payment option in the region is rigorously integrated into one system. At every stage, we run tests to remove potential problems to enable a smooth and trouble-free operation.

ease of use for the entire team
IT Scale

Trusted by our clients, ranging from fast-growing startups to multinational companies, we employ state-of-the-art technology and system architecture to support high traffic, high volume and high level of transactions, 24/7.

ease of use for the entire team
Growing The Acceptance Network

We continuously seek more partners and agents to grow our acceptance network globally. Whenever a new partner joins the 123 network, that new payment option is added to the list automatically for you.

ease of use for the entire team
International Bank Grade Security Standards

Security is a top concern. As a PCIDSS Level 1-rated company, we employ industry best-practice standards to secure our system.

ease of use for the entire team

123 is simple yet sophisticated. We have dealt with the complex and time-consuming tasks, so that you can enjoy a convenient, efficient and streamlined product.