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Case Study

Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier of Malaysia, offering the best way to fly to, from, and around Malaysia.

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A Cost-Efficient Payments Partner with A Regional Network

The Challenge

In late 2018, Malaysia Airlines was in search of a regional payments partner with connections to major payment channels and networks in Southeast Asia. They also needed access to local acquiring banks for cost-efficient payment processing and a reliable payment gateway for any contingency.

Malaysia Airlines was looking for:

  • A payment service provider which would connect them to their main markets in Southeast Asia
  • Access to local acquiring banks in Malaysia for efficient payment processing
  • Reliable payment gateway with minimal downtime or difficulties

How we helped

Since 2019, Malaysia Airlines was able to achieve its goal of a well-connected and secure payment gateway that also offers convenient payment methods with lower processing costs. The number of customers using AMOP, alternative methods of payment, grew from around 10% to nearly 30% of their total sales during FY19.

Malaysia Airlines is also the first and only airline in the Amadeus global network to launch an instalment payment option in Malaysia, Australia, UK through 2C2P. The payment option debuted in 2020 and is expected to bring an uplift in revenue to the airlines.

2C2P’s network connections with local banks also afforded Malaysia Airlines cost efficiency with lower fees for processing credit card payments. In addition, 2C2P’s flexible routing system increased cost savings by allowing Malaysia Airlines to determine which banks to route transactions to, depending on the prevailing currency exchange rates.

Through 2C2P’s payment gateway, we are the first and only airline on the Amadeus global network of airlines to offer instalment payments for travellers.

Jason Chong

Digital Payments Solutions Manager, Malaysia Airlines

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