Success Stories

Mr. Nithipont Thaiyanurak CEO & Founder WashBox24 (Thailand) Limited

“I think it’s very important for anyone in ecommerce
and start up to really figure out the payment side of business.” Nithipont Thaiyanurak
From Thailand Start Up to Global Business

WashBox24 is 24/7 laundry lockers that allow customers to drop off their laundry 24/7, track the progress and pay through their smart phones or the website and be able to pick it up whenever they want 24/7. Now WashBox24 has stand lockers more than 100 branches in Thailand, Singapore and India.

How is the payment side important?

“Basically our stand locker doesn’t have any staff on the side, so we need to invent a new way for customers to be able to pay through website and smartphone app so they can pay whenever they want. We need a payment gateway to facilitate all payments for our customers. That’s very much a concept of WahBox24 because we want to make a convenience that our number one priority.” Mr. Nithipont Thaiyanurak or “Bond”, CEO & Founder WashBox24 (Thailand) Company Limited, said.

Why did you choose 2c2p?

“We are using 2c2p to our app and website, basically because they are flexibility and the fact that they allow us to be closed to our customers using our own branding our own UX and UI and enjoying variety of payments from over the counter, ATM machines, and using different kinds of card service. That’s very important because the flexibility has capability to do wide level and they can do configuration on the backend and let us be close to our customers.”

What benefit did you get from using the payment gateway?

What benefit did you get from using the payment gateway?“We come from Bangkok, but we have managed to scale to Singapore and India. Partnership with 2c2p helped that. We don’t have to go to different vendor and go to different kind of system. We can just plug in our backend with 2c2p once. The integration was very smooth. Our customer can enjoy with the same WashBox24 experience in any country that we operated. We do once, we can do that in many different countries.”

What is your suggestion on choosing a payment gateway provider?

“Down to the face the payment gateway provider need to be flexible, convenience, and integration need to be seamless across different platforms which 2c2p has all questions. We’re happy to work with 2c2p because we could see a future benefit for both of us. What can value for a partnership is to keep innovating new channels and keep coming up with new ways for people to be able to pay. That’s very important for a long run.”