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Case Study

GERALD.ph is a premium online grocery store founded in 2016 in the Philippines by French expat Gerald Egasse.

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Serving Up A Smoother Service for Food Connoisseurs

The challenge

Each month, GERALD.ph encountered repeated requests to justify suspected fraudulent online transactions using its existing payment provider. Despite paying a premium for security, the process was inefficient and put added pressure on the company’s busy back-office team. These interruptions soaked up valuable time that could have been better spent on other customer services.

GERALD.ph needed:

  • Robust fraud monitoring from its payment provider to guarantee secure transactions every time

  • A highly responsive payment provider to help deliver a first-class e-commerce experience for its premium customers

How we helped

2C2P ensured a smooth handover from GERALD.ph’s former payment provider by handling all the onboarding and communication with the banks quickly and efficiently.

With 2C2P, GERALD.ph gets an experienced payments platform that has an in-built suite of fraud detection tools. This means that when we process their payments we can also detect, manage, and prevent the risks that come with transactions.

2C2P’s robust solution enables rapid scaling when required. This proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic when GERALD.ph saw its orders soar overnight, as customers stuck at home during lockdowns shifted to online shopping. 2C2P was able to process the increased transactions seamlessly, delivering the same secure service in a fast and reliable manner.

Utilising 2C2P’s ‘123’ solution, GERALD.ph is also able to easily accept payments from their customers across a variety of alternative payment methods, ranging from ATMs to kiosks and online direct debit. By offering payment methods of choice, this means GERALD.ph is able to reach and appeal to an even wider customer base.


There was a big difference in the documentation process - it has been very efficient and smooth. We have not encountered any instances of fraud or stolen cards. 2C2P’s team is very responsive and we’re happy with the service provided.

Gerald Egasse


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