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Case Study

JA Assure is a multinational insurtech firm. It is the world’s first insurtech firm to grant healthcare professionals easy access to medical malpractice insurance online.

JA Assure 2

Expanding payment acceptance with a wide array of digital payment options

Founded in Singapore in 2012, JA Assure has extended its reach to Malaysia and Hong Kong. Looking ahead, the company will expand its operations to the rest of Southeast Asia, beginning with Thailand.

The challenge

As part of its strategy to expand its operations across Southeast Asia, JA Assure wanted to offer hyper-localised payment options to its customers.

JA Assure needed the following:

  • Flexible payment options that are localised for each country it serves

  • A secure, risk-free way to expand its payment acceptance capabilities

How we helped

JA Assure took up 2C2P’s payment acceptance solution, which enabled it to expand its range of payment options that are tailored to the unique needs of the countries it serves.

For example, in Malaysia, JA Assure offers cards, Financial Process Exchange (FPX), digital wallets, and Instalment Payment Plans (IPPs). As for Singapore, JA Assure is able to accept payments via cards, digital wallets, IPPs, and other alternative payment methods (APMs).

On top of this, 2C2P’s solution is buffered with risk mitigation and cybersecurity measures, ensuring that JA Assure’s customers are able to make payments securely.

Partnering with 2C2P has allowed us to grow our business knowing that payments will be taken care of in a fast, secure and reliable manner in the fast-growing agile environment.

Vijay Anand

Head Of Technology, JA Assure

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