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Case Study

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Joey Mattress is a Malaysian e-commerce startup selling sleep products online. Their direct-to-consumer model aims to disrupt the industry and make shopping for sleep easy, fast and enjoyable.

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Sleep Better at Night with Quality Payment Acceptance Services

The challenge

For a startup like Joey Mattress, every penny counts. But high transaction fees charged by Joey’s previous payment acceptance provider ate into the startup’s revenue, while providing lacklustre service. It was also tedious to get in touch with the respective local banks to apply for instalment payment plan acceptance.

Joey Mattress needed:

  • Simple and fast integration for an e-commerce startup, ensuring fast time-to-market

  • A highly attentive payment provider to reduce back office complexity for Joey Mattress’ finance and accounting teams

  • Reasonable transaction fees while ensuring quality service

How we helped

A single, simple integration with 2C2P ensured Joey Mattress had a new payment acceptance solution up and running in no time.

2C2P also connected Joey Mattress to popular Malaysian banks like Public Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Bank and RHB Bank and made offering instalment payment plans easier given its existing integration with the banks.

2C2P’s comprehensive and reliable solution also guaranteed faster settlement times, a simple refund process and organized backend accounting - easing pressure on Joey Mattress’ internal teams.

On top of everything, Joey Mattress managed to reduce their transaction fees by at least 30%, resulting in better margins for a growing startup.


Not only does 2C2P offer the most competitive rate in the industry, they’re also incredibly supportive, this creates a synergistic relationship that allows us to scale with confidence.

Winson Chong

Founder & CEO of Joey Mattress

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