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Case Study

On9 Gamer

On9 Gamer is a Malaysian gaming platform that enables customers to purchase game credits and game point cards for popular mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends and Ragnarok M.


Transparent, Secure Payments for Gamers

The challenge

On9 Gamer was looking for a payment gateway that offered a reliable, secure and transparent method to accept payments. A fast and seamless solution was essential in order to give a first-class customer experience with no interruptions to game time.

On9 Gamer required:

  • A payment gateway that offered its customers a simple and efficient transaction process, including Financial Process Exchange (a Malaysia-based payment method that allows customers to complete transactions online using their bank credentials).
  • A reliable and transparent payment gateway to mitigate disputes and prevent fraud.
  • A seamless and secure customer payment experience.

How we helped

In 2020, On9 Gamer was on the lookout for a new payment gateway to support e-wallet transactions. After being introduced to 2C2P, the partnership began in November 2020.

In just six months, On9 Gamer saw an exponential 1,000% growth in user transactions through 2C2P.

With 2C2P enabling Financial Process Exchange, On9 Gamers’ customers can now easily and quickly purchase game cards via bank transaction from 18 different banks or mobile wallet payments across Malaysia. 2C2P also enabled the company to accept e-wallet payments (eg. Grab, Touch ‘n Go, Boost), a payment mode rapidly gaining popularity in the country. The efficient payment methods have helped enhance On9 Gamer’s reputation for excellent service and seamless customer experience.

The company’s smooth payments experience proved especially popular during pandemic lockdowns, when many Malaysians turned to mobile gaming for entertainment.

With 2C2P as its payments partner, On9 Gamer plans to expand its services to gamers beyond Singapore and Malaysia to Indonesia and other parts of the region.


With 2C2P as a partner, we have seen wonderful growth in our transaction numbers. Our customers enjoyed the seamless, secure payment experience so much they have been introducing their friends to our services as well!

Ming Ying Lee

Chief Executive Officer, On9 Gamer

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