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Case Study

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Origin Mattress is a mattress and bedding manufacturing company founded in Singapore, with products designed in Germany.


With unique service offerings such as online purchasing, free delivery, and zero-commitment 120-day trials, Origin Mattress is on a mission to revolutionise mattress shopping for the masses across the region.

Providing Diverse Payment Methods for A Streamlined Checkout Experience

The challenge

Back in 2020, credit cards were the only accepted payment method for Origin Mattress Malaysia’s online store. The limited payment option was one of the biggest challenges that impacted sales.

With the increasing adoption of digital payment methods in Malaysia, Origin Mattress needed an alternative payment gateway that could provide comprehensive payment methods tailored to the local market.

Origin Mattress needed:

  • A payment provider with comprehensive payment methods tailored to the Malaysian market

  • Instalment payment plan acceptance

  • A payment gateway that offered customers a streamlined payment experience

How we helped

2C2P’s partnership with Origin Mattress began in early 2021, with 2C2P’s comprehensive payment methods being the main draw. 2C2P ensured an instant and seamless onboarding process by handling the backend integrations efficiently.

With a single integration with 2C2P, Origin Mattress can now offer an array of payment methods to its Malaysian customers. This solution includes eWallets, online banking, and Financial Process Exchange (FPX), an internet-based payment gateway that allows for real-time online payments. 2C2P has also given customers the option to pay by instalments, which has given Origin Mattress a competitive edge.

2C2P’s backend accounting platform allows Origin Mattress’ internal teams to manage transactions via a single platform, resulting in greater efficiency and better customer support.

Today, 2C2P’s robust solution processes 70% of Origin Mattress' total transactions in Malaysia. In addition, with 2C2P’s competitive transaction fees, Origin Mattress can scale and expand globally with confidence.


2C2P’s comprehensive payment methods have been a differentiating factor for Origin Mattress Malaysia. We are not only seeing an increase in transactions but also assurance that our customers are enjoying a seamless checkout experience with a variety of payment options.

Shaylynn Yu

Business Development Manager (Singapore & Malaysia) of Origin Mattress

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